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        • Filters
        Category: Cleaning series
        Brand: Falcon

        Falcon S-530 is made from high quality solvent & surface-active agent with strong cleansing power and fast volatile speed, compatible to all metal material and most nonmetal material.

        Category: Can lubrication series
        Brand: Falcon

        S-206 Tapping Oil It is a highly concentrated lubricant containing 100% active extreme pressure additives and anti-corrosion additives, especially suitable for heavy-duty cutting of difficult-to-machine metal materials, including drilling, tapping, reaming, etc. of stainless steel and other high alloy steels. It can also be used as a synergist for metal cutting oil and metal forming processing oil. Adding this product to cutting oil can significantly improve the cutting performance of cutting oil, and can also be used to improve the performance of metal forming processing oils such as deep drawing, extrusion, stamping and drawing lubricants for bars.


        Category: Cleaning series
        Brand: Falcon

        It is suitable for removing plastic or rubber resin residues left on the mold during molding and softening and removing paint.

        Category: Demoulding series
        Brand: Falcon

        It is suitable for the demolding of various types of plastic raw materials such as ABS, PC, PE, PS, PP, PVC, NYLON, ACRYLICS, SAN, etc. It is especially suitable for processing that requires a large number of demolding times. Oily processing is allowed, and it is not recommended for the demolding of workpieces that need to be sprayed, screen printed, electroplated, bronzing, etc.

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